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Black Beans & Rice

Growing up, I don't remember just one of my parents cooking. For the most part, Mom made meals during the week and Dad would often cook on weekends. My dad loves to cook-- perhaps this is where I gained this particular hobby. One thing he would make often was Black Beans & Rice, an idea I believe he got from serving a mission in Brazil as a young man. We loved it-- it is so simple and delicious. It seems like I make it at least every few weeks now because it is relatively inexpensive and Bryan seems to love it too!

See the full recipe at the bottom of the page. Here is what you'll need:

*I usually buy Polska Kielbasa but the smoked sausage was less expensive this time and didn't make a dramatic difference in the taste.
Drain one can of beans and then mash them. I used a fork for this-- you can probably use a potato masher as well. Just get them nice a mashed, it gives it a more pleasant texture to eat. Drain most of the liquid from the second can and then mix it in with the mashed beans. Place in a medium saucepan over Med-Low heat on a back burner.
A clove of garlic is optional, depending on how much you like garlic or if you have it on hand. You'll need to mince it-- I happen to have a handy dandy garlic press. It is not as easy to clean as a knife, though.
Finely chop the onion-- you might want to invest in some onion chopper goggles. They are a life saver for me every time! I also just cut the onion into big chunks and then use my chopper because it is much easier.
Cut your kielbasa lengthwise and then into about 1/2 inch pieces. Coat your skillet with cooking spray and put the kielbasa, onion and garlic in and cook over Med-Hi heat. You don't need to brown the kielbasa-- it just needs to sweat a little. The onion should cook down some as well. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture for this. It should be on for about 5-10 minutes-- just don't let that kielbasa burn.
Now you're going to want to add those beans that have been simmering on the back burner. After this, add your creole seasoning. Honestly, I just gave a guess on how much should be put in as I usually eyeball it. Don't be shy with it, though, or you won't really taste it. It make it somewhat hot (spicy) but so delicious.

Rice... most people know how to make that, right? They print it on the bag, after all. I don't follow the bag ever, generally. If you need a little help, I'll share my method. First of all, the general rule with rice is two parts water, one part dry rice. So if you're cooking one cup of rice, you need two cups of water. Simple, right? So: 1. Bring the water to a boil, 2. Pour in a little olive oil or butter, 3. Stir in the rice, 4. Salt the rice/water, 5. Bring it back to a boil, 6. Set the burner to Low and cover, 7. Cook for 17 minutes, 8. Turn off burner and let stand, covered for 10ish minutes.

VoilĂ ! This can feed 4-5 people. Our finished product:

Full Recipe

rice (3-3.5 C. dry for 4-5 people)
1 lg. polska kielbasa
2 cans black beans
1 white onion
2 Tbsp. creole seasoning
1 clove garlic (optional)


Rice - See above for outlined steps.

1. Drain one can of black beans and mash. Drain most liquid from second can and mix un-mashed beans with mashed. Place on Med-Low heat in a saucepan.
2. Mince garlic and chop onion. Cut kielbasa lengthwise and then into 1/2" pieces. Put all of the above into a skillet and cook over Med-High heat for about 5-10 minutes. (Closer to 5-- don't burn the kielbasa, just let it sweat).
3. Add the beans that have been simmering while you mince, cut, chop and cook!
4. Add creole seasoning-- don't by shy. If you think it needs more, add more!
5. Serve over rice.

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